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Q: How can you help my business on Instagram?

A: We can help in many ways; improving/creating professional content, hashtag research, target marketing and ultimately getting you recognized as a credible business account on Instagram.

There are so many aspects to running a successful account on Instagram. Too many businesses are wasting time, lacking in VITAL tactical knowledge for the platform. We aim to educate and elevate your performance on Instagram to a level where you feel comfortable, whilst your page continues to grow.

Q. Do you have any contract agreements with your packages?

A: Initially we work with all our clients for a minimum of 90 days. Beyond this agreement, should you be satisfied with the results we can go our separate ways. However, most of our clients discuss a rolling monthly retainer package beyond our 90 day agreement.

Q. I’d like to remain in full control of my Instagram. How much do you charge for online mentoring?

A: This all depends on the size of your project. We can help you with basic mentoring, but if your ideas require more 1 to 1 time / effort, then we’d have to charge accordingly. All projects require a minimum 90 day agreement as mentioned above, but our initial fee for this period can vary.

Q. Can you help me on any other forms of social media like Facebook?

A: Tom is currently an Instagram only marketing consultant/expert, however he can provide social media advice for other platforms if/when needed. In the near future we intend on expanding to other platforms such as Facebook pages to help our clients expand their businesses on other forms of social media.

Q. What is Automated Insta, how does it work?

A: The best way to reach your target market on Instagram is to go out and INTERACT with them on their pages, day in, day out. You can use a few other tactics to bring less people to your page, but by showing an interest in their lives, they will mostly check yours out too! Sounds simple… but it’s time consuming 🙁

Automated Insta allows you to do this 24 hours a day, without lifting a finger…

It’s the KEY to most of my clients success stories so far, and it will absolutely work for your project PROVIDING you know WHERE your TARGET AUDIENCE hangs out on Instagram; the tags they use, the pages they follow… 

Q. I’m nervous about having any one else have a say on my business, how can I trust you will do your best to help me?

A: We love what we do, we have pride in our work and Tom’s goal to help as many people as he can to make huge strides on Instagram for business.

We are not in business to make a quick paycheck but out to get real results and give other small businesses a fighting chance in what we consider to be a very competitive, fast-paced, online market place!

Tom is that confident in his teams abilities on Instagram, he’s willing to offer anyone who has doubts a 30 day money back guarantee… So what have you got to lose!?

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