5 Reasons for Building a Business on Instagram

5 Reasons For Building A Business On Instagram:

I’ve been using Instagram for business since 2016, making lots of sales, forming strong relationships with customers & clients throughout…

Here are 5 reasons why you want to consider using Instagram for business;

  1. Target Audience – When it comes to finding your target market online, it’s never been easier with the likes of Facebook ads and google adwords, but they can be costly!However, Instagram has emerged as one of the fastest, cheapest and easiest ways of reaching your ideal audience…with multiple ways of finding them on there.
  2. Buyers Market – right now, Instagram is THE place where online buyers tend to hang out… with a bit of clever marketing, your next customer could be just one click away from making a purchase through you on Instagram.
  3. Age Range – Just like Facebook, Instagram now seems to be varying in it’s users age range. What started out as a cool, trendy form of social media dominated by the younger generation, is now home to all kinds of people actively using Instagram!
  4. Pictures Over Words – Marketing used to be about slogans, tag lines and catchy brand names…now, it’s all about the perception, brand image and how professional your marketing is compared to competition.Many small brands can make a profit simply by marketing themselves professionally on Instagram. It’s like they say, pictures can speak a thousand words – so post high quality and highly engaged images and you will have a good shot at succeeding on Instagram!
  5. Networking – What I love about Instagram is you are never alone on this platform. Businesses can network with other businesses (big & small), celebrities, brand ambassadors, customers and social media guru’s such as myself!

    In fact all of my clients have come through networking with them directly on Instagram. You can literally just login and go chat to some of your potential customers TODAY!

    So there you have it… 5 reasons to start using Instagram for business…

but hold on, WAIT!

Now this all sounds fantastic I know, but there is a catch.
You see, you can’t just start posting content and hope for the best… you NEED a plan, proven strategies & more!

At the same time you DON’T want to just harass potential customers trying to sell your product/service to them…

Like with all forms of social media, there is an ART to how to market yourself professionally on Instagram… and there are guru’s out there who can teach you how to do it right.

Introducing… MYSELF!
Instagram Marketing Agency – Tom Pooley Marketing.

instagram marketing agency
I’ve been doing successfully marketing on Instagram for over 2 years now, helping clients in various niches;

  • The Cycling Industry
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Art (Sketch/Pencil Art)
  • Music (r&b artist)
  • Photography
  • Food / Drink
  • Sports Teams / Coaching
  • Professional Athletes

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