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“We help brands get seen, heard and valued on Instagram by implementing proven, profitable marketing strategies…”

TOM POOLEY MARKETING has been delivering results for brands on social media, mostly Instagram, since December 2015.

Their goal has always been to provide;

>> Tremendous Value
>> Exceptional Results
>> Superior Customer Service

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Tom Pooley (founder) has over 4 years of experience as a Social Media Marketing Consultant, including 8 months managing brand accounts whilst travelling South East Asia in 2018.

social media agency lancashire
Tom visiting Kuang Si Waterfalls, Laos.

His team specializes in brand awareness, follower growth, Influencer marketing as well as achieving other KPI’s for clients on social media.

Tom and his team have worked with more than 100 clients on Instagram alone.

Whilst the majority of their work comes from the UK, many of their clients have been located from all over the world, operating in markets such as; cycling, running, triathlon, alcoholic beverages, health & wellness, photography and art.

Recent Client Examples Include;


instagram account management

instagram account management uk

instagram management agency uk

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instagram account management uk

Why Instagram??

Tom is an expert salesman on Instagram, from selling his own cycling caps to earning an income through sponsored posts across several of his own pages, he believes…

right now anything is possible for businesses on Instagram.

instagram account management
Tom has had great success with his own pages @CyclePreneur & @NatureWithTom

Instagram continues to grow from strength to strength…
Here are some 2019 statistics to support businesses being on Instagram;

>> 1 BILLION accounts active every month
>> 500 MILLION+ active accounts everyday!
>> Brand accounts on average grow their followers by 8% each month
>> 80% of IG users reside outside the US
>> There are more than 8 MILLION business accounts
>> 80% of users FOLLOW a brand / business account!

… these people could be FOLLOWING YOU
… learning about YOUR BRAND
… buying YOUR PRODUCT!

Tom and his team are always open to new and exciting projects.

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Weefee Photography
(20k followers in 12 months)

instagram account management

(16k followers in 12 months)

instagram account management

Proviz Sports
(8k followers in 10 months)

instagram account management

instagram management agency
instagram management agency uk

Full client portfolio on Instagram;

@Kul_Chocolate (Food)
@SpinOnThese (Cycling)
@Photocrowd (Photography)
@Lava_Activ (Fitness)
@Active_Root (Nutrition)
@Bax_Carbon (Cycling)
@Snact (Healthy Snacks)
@TifosiBikes (Cycling)
@RoadCyclingLove (Cycling)
@JeremyPetersPhotography (Photography)
@JeremyPeters_Wildlife (Photography)
@TuvizoSport (Hi Viz)
@Alpha.Nature (Photography)
@WeSeektoExplore (Travel)
@RonHillUK (Running)
@RideWithNSR (Cycling)
@Yorkie_Adventures (Animals)
@Elite_Arts (Art)
@Ironman.Josh (Athlete)
@SunshineEscapes (Travel)
@WinterEscapes (Travel)
@MountainsAbove (Hiking)
@Stefs_AnimalArt (Art)
@JordanBeecham_Art (Art)
@Anthonywalker_arts (Art) (Cycling)
@DidYouRunToday (Running)
@FLRshoes (Cycling)
@BibsandHats (Cycling)
@SnapperRuns (Athlete)
@True_CycloCouture (Cycling)
@Ozzie_TheCollie (Animals)
@HearnyTravels (Travel)
@Lukassen_Photography (Photography)
@Jay_Loizou (Bodybuilding)
@AlpineHeroes (Travel)
@LaniqueDrinks (Liqueur)
@Cyclepreneur_Caps (Cycling)
@AkumaCycling (Cycling)
@Nature.FlyBy (Drone / Photography)
@Handmade_Heroes (Etsy Feature page)
@Cornell_Lewis (Bodybuilding)
@WillieWonkaFit (Fitness)
@theSnactivist (Health)
@YourFriendMarina (Zumba / Fitness)
@Laurexplora (travel blogger)
@WeSeekToExplore (travel blogger)

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